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Simone Rede pledges to involve public in the auditor’s work

Simone announced the first of three campaign priorities today. She is committed to innovating and expanding Portland’s nation-leading tradition of performance auditing. As Portland City Auditor, Simone will promote new ways of interacting with Portlanders, such as using social media to gather community priorities that will guide the office’s work. This public input will help give direction to the job of assessing whether city programs are working as intended.

“The people of Portland deserve an active role in setting our auditing agenda,” said Simone. “If elected, I will broaden community engagement to better hold the city accountable for fulfilling the needs of all Portlanders.”

These innovations will build on Portland’s reputation as a national leader in performance auditing, which dates back four decades to the election of Jewel Lansing. Simone’s proven track record in public sector performance auditing positions her well to uphold this tradition. No other candidate has her experience in holding government agencies accountable for achieving their promised results.

Learn more about Simone Rede for Portland City Auditor at

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