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Elected Leaders

Multnomah County Auditor Jennifer McGuirk

Metro Auditor Brian Evans

MESD Board of Directors, Position 6, At Large, Danny Cage

Former Portland City Auditor and Former Multnomah County Auditor Gary Blackmer

Former Metro Auditor and Former Multnomah County Auditor Suzanne Flynn

Former Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz


Nicole Pexton, CIA

Jessica Johnson, CIA, CISA


Matthew Owens, CISA

Former Lane County Performance Auditor Shanda Miller

Community Leaders

Nishat Akhtar

Marti Clemmons

Blake Martinez

Ro Tam, Either/Or Cafe

Misty Cumbie, Tanglewood Beverage Company

Justin Himes

Logan Buttrell

Sasha Kreutz, Hairstylist

Carrie Sanneman, Columbia Slough Watershed Council Board 

Lark Ryan

Katherine McGuiness

Claire Doody, Copper Union

Alex Stolz

Jill Kuehler, Freeland Spirits

Margaret Rolle

Linh Tran & Jasper Shen, XLB

Peggy A. Nagae, Peggy Nagae Consulting

Tyler Dolan, Bishop & Wilde Books

Geof Garner, Carpe Mundi

Jeana Frazzini

Alex Stephens

Barbara Dudley, Portland Area Workers' Rights Board

Ana Briseño

Megan Holmes

Melaney Schmidt, Landmass Wines

Malia Myers, Public Provisions

Sophie Harris, Documentary Filmmaker

Brooke Thompson, Illustrator

Keets Nelson

Graham Andanen

Lisa Brooks

Angela Uherbelau, Literacy & Racial Equity Advocate

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