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Portland City Auditor Simone Rede runs for re-election

February 14, 2024


City Auditor Simone Rede announced her re-election campaign Wednesday morning, making her the first to enter the auditor’s race.

Rede filed a notice of intent to participate in the city’s Small Donor Elections program last November. Candidates can file for city office starting June 5.


Rede currently oversees the city archives, audit services, and the city ombudsman, in addition to her executive office. She was elected in May 2022 with overwhelming support from voters. Since taking office in January 2023, Rede has released a range of reports highlighting mismanagement, waste, and harm to Portlanders, recently in Portland Fire & Rescue’s Community Health Division, the city's installation of curb ramps, the police’s handling of special visa requests, the city’s use of emergency board-up services, and its towing and disposal of vessels from public docks.


Last February, she introduced a proposal to create a transparency advocate and reached a tentative agreement with union-represented employees in her office as the city’s lead bargaining agent. Council rejected the proposal and instead chose to indefinitely table the idea to add oversight of the city’s compliance with transparency rules, such as public records laws and open meetings policies. Council voted 5-0 on the union contract after Rede agreed to restart labor negotiations alongside human resources officials.


“I am running for re-election because I want to continue to make city government more accountable and accessible to the public,” Rede said. “I want to fulfill my commitments to protect the office’s independence, ensure that city services are provided equitably, and grow public understanding of city functions.”


Rede is a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Government Auditing Professional. Before earning a master’s degree in public policy, she worked as an advocate in Portland-area alternative high schools for students to continue their education. Rede has been a government performance auditor since 2013, first with the Oregon Secretary of State, and at Metro for seven years.


Rede grew up in Northeast Portland and attended Portland Public Schools. She lives with her wife and their dogs in the Montavilla neighborhood. She is the first person of color and the first LGBTQ+ person to hold the office. She identifies as a Latina lesbian.


The city auditor is elected citywide. In the new form of government, the city administrator, instead of city commissioners, will respond to recommendations from the auditor. The auditor will be elected to an initial two-year term in November 2024.

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