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Simone Rede wins Portland city auditor race

Simone Rede was elected Portland’s next city auditor tonight with overwhelming support from Portlanders in every part of the city. Rede will bring extensive experience from her years working as an auditor at both the state and Metro. She will be the first person of color and the first openly LGBTQ+ person to hold this position. Perhaps most notably, Rede represents a generational shift in city leadership as the first millennial elected citywide.

“I am so grateful for the support I received from people across the city,” Rede said. “I pledge to serve as the public’s advocate in City Hall with independence and inclusion,” she continued.

Rede also thanked her opponent, Brian Setzler, for engaging in the first contested race for city auditor since 1986 and giving voters a choice between two candidates.

“It was important to help voters learn more about this nonpartisan office and I was glad that we were able to focus on issues concerning Portlanders while contrasting our experiences and qualifications,” Rede said.

Rede said she believes voters responded to her competence as a performance auditor as well as her commitment to giving residents a voice in the issues they want audited.

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