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Simone Rede pledges to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion

Simone released her third campaign priority today: increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the City Auditor’s Office and across city programs.

As a Principal Management Auditor at Metro, Simone has built a proven track record of auditing programs to improve equity. Her work has identified gaps in the steps to make government services more equitable. Simone also brings her lived experience as a young, queer Latina who is a foster parent to a refugee.

“My goal is to use my professional and lived experience to ensure that the City of Portland does a better job of serving our most vulnerable residents,” said Simone.

To advance equity, Simone will focus on improving accountability, transparency, and community access to the Auditor's Office. She will work to ensure auditing priorities are guided by the communities most deeply impacted by City programs. She will also evaluate whether City programs are reducing disparate outcomes in the delivery of services and monitor progress toward creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, within the Auditor's Office and across city bureaus.

Learn more about Simone Rede for Portland City Auditor at

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