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Simone Rede pledges strong oversight of homeless services

Simone announced another campaign priority today: ensuring the health, safety, and equity of homeless services. As Portland City Auditor, Simone will provide strong, independent oversight of the city’s homelessness response.

Public concern about the homelessness crisis has increased throughout the pandemic. However, a lack of recent, credible data makes it difficult to deliver effective solutions. The composition of Portland’s homeless population is also changing. Women and Black and Indigenous people make up a growing percentage of Portland’s homelessness. To be effective, homelessness services need to address the distinct needs of diverse groups.

“As Portland City Auditor, I will use my power to ensure that Portland’s response to the homelessness crisis protects all our city’s residents,” said Simone.

Strong oversight is critical to ensuring that new Portland City Council policies, like safe rest villages, are operating as intended. This will mean verifying that services are provided equitably to all residents, regardless of race, gender, or substance use. It also means ensuring safe and hygienic conditions for village residents, and a pathway to securing permanent housing.

Learn more about Simone Rede for Portland City Auditor at

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