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Local leaders endorse Simone Rede for City Auditor

Since announcing her campaign for City Auditor last month, Simone Rede has earned endorsements from more than three dozen local leaders. Several of those have come from elected officials and professional auditors familiar with her exceptional skill set and commitment to public service.

“Simone is independent, accountable and has the right kind of auditing experience we need in our next City Auditor. She shares our Portland values, and she’ll use her auditing experience to make sure that our tax dollars are effectively spent and to improve the delivery of essential public services,” said Julia Brim-Edwards, who serves on the Portland Public Schools Board and chaired the Board's audit committee.

Multnomah County Auditor Jennifer McGuirk and Metro Auditor Brian Evans are among Rede’s list of endorsements, which speaks to her track record of public sector performance auditing.

Rede has also received endorsements from three former elected auditors who served the region’s residents:

  • Former Portland City Auditor and Former Multnomah County Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade

  • Former Portland City Auditor and Former Multnomah County Auditor Gary Blackmer

  • Former Metro Auditor and Former Multnomah County Auditor Suzanne Flynn

In addition, her campaign has earned support from advocates, artists, and small business owners. To endorse her campaign, or express other ways to help, complete this form:

Rede is a principal management auditor at Metro, Portland’s regional government agency. The city’s primary election is May 17, 2022. Rede brings more than 15 years of public service experience to the role. She started her auditing career at the Oregon Secretary of State. Before she became an auditor, Rede worked with students in Portland-area alternative high schools to reduce barriers they faced to college.

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